Ekaanta Experiences

Ekaanta Experiences: Embark on Unforgettable Journeys

At Ekaanta, we believe in curating moments that transcend the ordinary. Our array of thoughtfully crafted experiences invite you to immerse yourself in the richness of Haridwar’s culture, spirituality, and culinary delights. Each experience is designed to create lasting memories that resonate with your heart and soul.

2-Hour Cultural Walk of Haridwar

Embark on a journey through the cultural tapestry of Haridwar. Witness the spiritual rituals at Har Ki Pauri, explore local bazaars brimming with vibrant artifacts, and pay homage at revered temples. This brief yet immersive experience offers a glimpse into the soul of the city and its spiritual essence.

Full Day Tour of Haridwar

Delve deep into the heart of Haridwar with our full-day tour. From witnessing the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti to seeking blessings at revered temples, this experience encompasses the city’s spiritual and cultural treasures. Explore bustling bazaars, connect with ashram life, and embrace the transformative energy that Haridwar exudes.

Dining Experience - Ganga Aarti, Dinner, and Movie Under the Stars

Indulge in an enchanting evening of spirituality, fine dining, and cinematic wonder. Witness the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, savor a gourmet dinner, and immerse yourself in a movie under the starlit sky. This multifaceted experience captures the essence of Ekaanta’s offerings – nourishing the soul, delighting the palate, and sparking the imagination.

Exquisite Lunch or Dinner Experience

Elevate your dining experience with a meal at Ekaanta. Choose between lunch or dinner and immerse yourself in an ambiance of sophistication and warmth. Indulge in culinary creations that blend flavors and nourishment, creating a sensory journey that lingers long after the last bite.

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