Dining Experience - Ganga Aarti, Dinner, and Movie Under the Stars

Experience Enchantment at Tales on the Ganges

Dinner and Movie Under the Stars!

Experiences Timings
Dusk Unveils the Magic 6:30 PM
Savor Delights at Twilight 7:30 PM
Cinematic Reverie 9:00 PM
Toast to Moments Unforgettable 10:30 PM


Single Person: INR 4,000+ taxes

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Dusk Unveils the Magic

As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, step into a realm of enchantment at Tales on the Ganges and Ganga Aarti. The evening is set to unfold a captivating blend of flavors, stories, and cinematic wonder.

Savor Delights at Twilight - Full Prix Fixe Menu

At 7:00 PM, let the culinary journey begin. Immerse yourself in a feast of delectable dishes, carefully curated to ignite your taste buds and elevate your dining experience to new heights. Every bite is a celebration of taste and craftsmanship.

Cinematic Reverie

As the night deepens, around 9:00 PM, recline under the stars for a cinematic journey like no other. The silver screen comes alive against the backdrop of the night sky, creating a canvas of dreams where movies blend seamlessly with the cosmos.

Toast to Moments Unforgettable

Raise a cup of hot chocolate to the moments that have woven themselves into your heart throughout this evening of wonder. The night is alive with the echoes of laughter, the flavors of gourmet delights, and the shared experiences that have connected you to new horizons.

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To ensure you secure your place at this celestial gathering of tales, flavors, and movies, we recommend making your reservation in advance. Let Tales on the Ganges be the night where memories are madeand dreams are embraced.

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