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A learning destination where you discover tranquillity and mental strength by learning about your mind.
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Our Purpose

We see Mindfulness as an essential skill that helps us navigate through the daily chaos by finding our calm within ourselves. It is not to be practiced as an escape from your stress or anxiety. At Ekaanta, we guide you in making mindful living an everyday habit.

Our Approach

Our unique pedagogy is a confluence of the ancient wisdom of the East and the scientific approach of the West. At Ekaanta, our Masters of Mindfulness deliver intellectual stimulation, inner awakening and nature-based rejuvenation to facilitate your journey of self-discovery.

Our Surroundings

Set along the banks of the river Ganges in the sacred city of Haridwar, Ekaanta Mindversity is an extraordinary space for you to take a pause, find your own rhythm and experience a sense of calmness and serenity.

For Corporates

There is nothing more gratifying than to see a team full of energy and excitement- a team that is completely aligned with the company goals.

At Ekaanta, our globally renowned Masters of Mindfulness empower business leaders and organizations with mindfulness skills and techniques. These skills help to:

• Elevate your teams’ performance.
• Nurture an ecosystem of trust, affinity and growth.
• Create a supportive and more productive learning environment.
• Empower your business leaders to achieve their best potential with creativity and compassion, despite the daily stress of work and modern day lifestyles.