Reservation & Cancellation Policy


  •  Please make advance reservations via telephone or book online to ensure room availability.
  • Advance in Cash or deposit /online Payment is mandatory to obtain the confirmed
  • reservation. Please read the cancellation policy before obtaining the confirmed reservation.
  •  Rates displayed online are not guaranteed until the confirmation voucher is generated. The
  • rates are generally dynamic in nature. Once a rate is selected, and you execute the
  • transaction, no other rate is applicable, either higher or lower, no refund is admissible.
  • The estimated cost of stay includes the confirmed room rate, the estimated taxes, and the
  • estimated fees.
  •  The actual taxes, fees, and cess prevalent at the time of stay shall be applicable, which may
  • vary from the estimates, and you are liable to pay any extra cost on account of such
  • amendments in taxes, fees, cess, etc.
  •  Currency conversions are estimates and are provided as information only. The bill on check
  • out for the stay shall be charged in the hotel’s local currency as of the exchange rate of that
  • current date.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the reservation if it appears, at the hotel’s sole
  • discretion, that a guest is engaged in fraudulent, illegal, or other inappropriate activity or the
  • reservation is obtained fraudulently or with malafide intention or mistake or error.
  •  On check-in to the hotel, please present the hotel reservation confirmation voucher along
  • with a valid photo ID or Passport, Photo PAN Card, Election Identity Card, Photo driving licence, or any photo ID card issued by Central/ State government and a valid credit card for any incidental and/ or extra charges.
  •  All promotion/sale rates are restrictive fares and are non-refundable. Certain promotion/sale Rates do not permit any changes in the hotel booking. Please check the restrictions on the rate while booking. Under all promotion(s)/sale rates, limited inventory is available on select Room type(s) only on a first come, first served basis. Ekaanta reserves the right to withdraw and/or amend the promotion/sale without prior notice.
  •  All extra services & amenities not part of this offer will only be available at an additional charge.
  •  This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion or benefit(s) available through any loyalty program run by Ekaanta or any third party.
  •  In case of non-availability of a pre-booked room at the time of arrival, the hotel will offer an alternate similar standard hotel/ in a similar room type at its discretion and without any further liability.
  •  All rates are subject to prevailing local taxes as applicable on room tariffs & services opted. 


  •  Normal occupancy permits a maximum of two people per room.
  •  An additional person (if room size permits) is charged extra as per the prevalent rate of the Hotel.


  •  The deposit / online payment is to be paid in advance, equivalent to 100% of total room nights booked for the entire stay, to get the confirmed reservation.
  •  We accept deposits only against the Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard. For any alternate mode of payment, please contact the hotel’s reservations.
  •  Corporate reservations need to be secured by a company credit card. For any alternate mode of payment, please contact the Hotel’s Reservation.
  •  Group bookings of two or more rooms require a 100% deposit in advance. 


  • To avail cancellation / amendments, ensure to inform in writing the cancellation/ amendments in the plan to the Hotel Reservation for a refund of your deposit. The guidelines in this regards as under:

    • Any cancellation received more than 15 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will not incur any cancellation charges.
    • Any cancellation received 10 to 14 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will incur a charge of one retreat night of your retreat total.
    • Any cancellation received 0 to 9 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will incur a charge of all retreat nights of your retreat total.
    • Any cancellation received 8 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival for stays less than 5 nights will incur a charge of 100% on the total retreat price.
    • Any reduced stays whilst at the Retreat will incur a charge of 100% on the total retreat price.
    •  Credit/Debit card cancellations will be charged 3% extra.

  • The modification/cancellation request for bookings made online will be processed automatically through the Internet Booking Engine. Any refund due shall be done through the system in accordance with the applicable modification/cancellation rules. In case of rebooking, a rate difference may be payable for the change as per the rate applicable for the rebooked date/ room type and subject to availability.
  •  Any additional charges or rate difference for the modified reservation can be paid through the same payment mode/card as used for the original reservation.
  •  Please note that if an online booking is modified or cancelled with the hotel’s reservations Office/ Hotel’s sales office, it cannot be further modified or cancelled online.
  • The refund of the reservation done by the Travel Agent will be processed by the issuing Travel Agent only and no refund will be admissible online.
  •  If non-cancellable booking (s) are cancelled, the client shall not be refunded the amount paid towards making the reservation(s).
  •  Certain room rates & types have restrictions and are without benefits. In case you do not wish to opt for restricted rates & types, you can book the room(s) available on without benefits/restrictions.
  • In case of early checkout, you are liable to pay for the entire confirmed reservation. If you are not sure of the policy, contact the hotel for clarification.
  •  Please note that for reservations of more than one room, in that case, all rooms are determined as “reserved nights.” For example, two (2) rooms reserved for four (4) nights would be (8) reserved nights; hence to such (8) reserved nights, the applicable cancellation period is 72 hours.


 On cancellation of a refundable booking, the refund processing will take between two (2)-to four (4) weeks to show the refund on your credit card statement. Reasons for the specified processing time are based on the billing cycle of your credit card company and the processing time of the bank. The refund depends on numerous factors such as the hotel’s cancellation policy, time of cancellation and processing fees, etc. In case the reservation is not confirmed, we will not charge you anything on your credit card and will release the whole amount, if any, that was held on it immediately. After we do this, it will still take two (2) to four (4) weeks for the bank to process the refund and show the refunded amount on your credit card.


  •  If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date, the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hotel, and you will be charged for the entire reservation.
  •  If you fail to check in on the first date but continue your travel plan to stay at the hotel, please, urgently, contact us to keep the room for you for the rest of the nights. Otherwise, as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-cancelled, and no refund will be admissible.

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