Rejuvenation Program

Welcome to Ekaanta's Rejuvenation Retreat

Embark on a journey of self-renewal at Ekaanta’s Rejuvenation Retreat. Located on the tranquil banks of the sacred Ganges, our retreat is a sanctuary where traditional wellness practices meet modern comfort, all amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature.


2 nights / 3 nights / 7 nights

Experiences 3 Nights 5 Nights 7 Nights
Mindful Sessions 3 4 7
Yoga Sessions 2 4 7
Nature Walks 1 3 5
Nutrition Sessions 1 3 4


  • All meals
  • Accommodation (Luxury Rooms)
  • Guided Hikes (all fitness levels)
  • Yoga (all fitness levels)
  • Breathwork (all fitness levels)
  • Meditation (beginner friendly)
  • Nutrition Workshops 
  • Movie Under the Stars


45/41, 46/42
Shravan Nath Nagar
Niranjani Akhara
Haridwar, Uttarakhand – 249401


Single Occupancy: 19,550+ taxes per night

Double Occupancy: 28,750+ taxes per night

About the Rejuvenation Retreat

Immerse yourself in an experience of restorative tranquility at Ekaanta’s Rejuvenation Retreat. We offer a synergistic blend of ancient healing traditions and state-of-the-art wellness techniques. Our holistic approach incorporates personalized treatments, nutrient-rich cuisine, healing yoga, and mindfulness practices to replenish your body, mind, and spirit.

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Our Holistic Approach

Individualized Wellness Programs

Our wellness experts tailor programs to your individual needs, combining healing massages, customized fitness sessions, and nutrition guidance.

Mindful Practices

Boost your mental wellness with our guided mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, and shinrin yoku. These practices foster inner peace, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, helping you cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self.

Nourishing Cuisine

Enjoy wholesome, farm-to-table meals prepared by our dedicated chefs. Our menus, rich in organic and locally sourced ingredients, are designed to fuel your wellness journey and delight your palate.


Relax in our luxurious accommodations that merge seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Each suite is designed to provide a tranquil and soothing environment that promotes relaxation and peace.

Location and Surroundings

Ekaanta is blessed with a serene location on the banks of the sacred Ganges. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the panoramic river views, explore tranquil walking trails, and immerse yourself in the calming sounds of nature and the sacred river.

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Booking Your Stay

Begin your journey of rejuvenation at Ekaanta today. 

For inquiries and reservations:

Contact us: +91 9936 294 022

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