Positive Manifestation: The Magic Mantra For A Fulfilling Life

Most of us go through life thinking that our minds and our thoughts do not shape our world.
The truth is, our physical reality – relationships, career, success etc – dances in tandem with our thoughts and emotions. What we think affects our real-world situations, and vice versa.

Possibly why there is an old saying in Hindi, “Achha socho, accha hoga” roughly translating to ‘If you think positive, you will manifest positive outcomes.’

The belief is that the energy you put out in the universe is what comes back around to you. You may not notice when it does, or if it does, but that energy will find its way back to you, one way or another.

The Law of Attraction pretty much says the same thing – that your thoughts & belief systems create the ‘vibe’ you send out in the cosmos. In turn, the universe responds by giving you a kind of tailor-made set of experiences which directly correspond to your thoughts, beliefs and dreams.

In theory, ‘positive thinking’ sounds like a deceivingly simple thing to do, but in practice, it takes some time to master. The toughest part is to stop your mind from running towards negative thoughts or emotions. After all, if the meal you ordered 20 minutes ago has still not reached your table, it will be hard to stop yourself from being upset.

But there are 2 beautiful techniques that can help you look at the bright side:

Visualisation and Affirmation are the two glow-worms that can light your path towards Positive Manifestation. They can raise your energy to match your goals, so you can attract anything you truly focus on.

  1. Visualisation for Positive Manifestation

Visualisation involves building a series of detailed mental pictures towards a favourable outcome. In the moments when you’re feeling blue or dejected, visualisation energises you, inspires you and helps you understand how you can take better control of a situation. Think of it as a ‘visual rehearsal’ of something that is yet to happen.

Imagine getting ready for a serious chat with your teenager or a team member. Visualise the room and where he is seated. See yourself walk in and greet him. Make a mental note of how you start the conversation. Observe your body language. Pre-empt the questions that he might ask you and articulate your answers

Pre-empting a situation and running through it without the underlying emotions (like anxiety or awkwardness) can help you feel confident and optimistic about experiencing the event when it actually happens.

  1. Affirmations for Positive Manifestation

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions, haven’t we? “I will wake up one hour earlier every day.” Or “I will not lose my temper so often” or “I will get that promotion this year.” One of the most powerful ways to manifest positive events is to make written affirmations.

Journal your affirmations, or write them out and stick them on the refrigerator door, so they are always in line of sight. Take a few moments to stand in front of that paper and read it out aloud every day. What is important is that you read your affirmations with an open mind and with the faith that the universe is receiving your energy, and working towards making your goals possible. However, different affirmations require a different intensity of manifestation.

As Kenneth Wong, Author and Manifestation coach says, “ Not all affirmations are created equal. The most common mistake people make is choosing poorly written affirmations. That’s why it’s important to keep the 3 P’s of affirmations in mind: Positive, Present and Personal”
a) Positive Affirmations: New Year resolutions are the most common way people make affirmations. But affirmations, by definition, are the things you want to do, not the things you do NOT want to do. Avoid framing your affirmations in the negative, e.g. using words like won’t, don’t, can’t and not.

Instead of saying “I won’t lose my temper because the restaurant took 20 minutes to bring out my food” write “I will receive my food with gratitude.”

b) Present Affirmations: The purpose of your affirmations is to raise your energy, your ‘vibe’ to attract things, people or events you want in your life. Make affirmations about seeing your dreams come alive. Be specific about writing your affirmation as if it has already happened

Instead of “ I will get that promotion this year”, write “It feels so good to finally sit in the corner office.”

c) Personal Affirmations: Your affirmations must centre around your own goals and dreams, not anyone else’s. Instead of “I want my kid to study in the best college”, write “ I am working overtime to make more money to send my kid to the college she likes”.

Laura Day, a practising intuitive and New York Times bestselling author has been using and teaching manifestation techniques for over 40 years. “In the last century, and in this one, sciences, from physics to biology, have produced convincing evidence that we live in a unified field of energy,” she says.

Throughout the world, there is far greater openness and acceptance to the concept of manifestation than it was 30 years ago. Today, Positive Manifestation is reaching audiences who previously may have never been interested in spirituality or manifesting. It’s almost a wake-up call to those who didn’t believe that their thoughts have the power to change their present and future life. So here’s a little perspective for people who have just started their manifestation journey – you don’t need to believe in magic to practise manifestation – you just need to believe in yourself.

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