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“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

- Ramana Maharshi

Who can benefit from Ekaanta?


Mindfulness, when woven into L&D practices, enables organizations to nurture an ecosystem of trust, affinity and growth. By following simple tools and approaches, your employees can experience a heightened state of awareness without judgement, so they can stay centred and calm despite the workplace chaos.

Our programs help corporates create a culture of sustained productivity, reduced stress, and higher engagement. We guide leadership teams on how to infuse compassion and empathy to become better leaders. We teach employees how to achieve their peak performance and stay emotionally balanced in the midst of daily grind and stress.

Because there is nothing more gratifying than to see a team full of energy and excitement- one that is completely aligned with the company goals.


Community life is an essential part of human existence, whether it is our family, neighbourhood, school, friends or workplaces. Integrating Mindfulness with community living can cultivate a deeper sense of connectedness and solidarity.

At Ekaanta, we create tailored programs for CXOs, entrepreneurs, young professionals, frontline workers, women professionals, students and the youth etc, to help them improve their emotional and social wellbeing. By teaching how to sit with negative thoughts and unpleasant experiences and exploring them with acceptance and kindness, we show how Mindfulness can be a cathartic and therapeutic experience.

Our programs are specifically designed to help your community members be more mindful of how they interact with other people in their community so they can forge stronger, more meaningful relationships and work towards a common purpose with kindness, empathy and compassion.


Living in a constant state of anxiety or stress, we tend to normalize these feelings, inevitably impacting our mental peace and calm. When we embrace mindfulness as a daily habit, we can navigate through disruptions, stress and chaos without losing our mental balance.

Ekaanta’s programs enable you to enhance your quality of life through mindful living. With guidance from our Masters of Mindfulness, you learn how to summon your inner calm to improve emotional regulation, memory and attention. Mindfulness helps you focus on the things that matter, and discover your inner truth so you can finally come home to yourself.

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