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“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

- Ramana Maharshi

Our Uniqueness

Designed as a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, our programs pay obeisance to the system of ancient learning in India. Ekaanta: is our way of giving back to society and teaching the citizens of the world how mindfulness, compassion and empathy can enable us to navigate the journey of life seamlessly.

Our International and Indian faculty members, known as Masters of Mindfulness, are the key to our unique nature. A master is an expert practitioner with many years of practical experience and study. Each is well versed with his/her subject and does not require any prior preparation or notes to take a session.

All our residential programs are carefully curated to integrate indoor & outdoor experiential learning, which encourages open dialogue and discussion with the Master. The more questions you have, the more the Master will delve deeper into the concepts, helping you gain better insights about yourself and the world.

Holistic Wellness of Mind Body and Spirit. Our mind determines our responses and behaviour, our body determines our energy and our spirit determines our will. At Ekaanta: we aim to bring all three in harmony for a balanced mind, body and spirit.

A contemporary twist to the guru-shishya traditions of learning and our unique location on the Ganges , both add to the sanctity of self-discovery.

At Ekaanta, we teach you the tools and techniques to help you manifest your calm in the midst of chaos and make Mindfulness the goalpost of everyday living.

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