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“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

- Ramana Maharshi

mindversity by the ganges

n: collection of studies of the mind

The study of the mind has always been a pursuit to gain higher consciousness. It continues to be of interest not just for us but also for those on the other side of the globe, so much so that the western world has masters of mindfulness who ascribe their entire life’s learnings to India or to Buddhism.

At Ekaanta: Mindversity, we are keeping that interest and tradition alive by creating a confluence of east and west, where the banks of the holy Ganges offer a tranquil learning destination for you to take a pause, find your own rhythm and experience spiritual awakening.

Our Vision & Mission

Ekaanta’s vision is to make Mindfulness the goalpost of modern-day living and to help people globally live their lives to their fullest potential.

We aim to enhance the quality of life of individuals and organizations by establishing Ekaanta Mindversity on the Ganges as the most recognised brand for Mindfulness. This we will do through learning initiatives (workshops, retreats, conclaves and online sessions) that allow participants to learn Mindfulness techniques through various Ekaanta initiatives.

Our mission is to empower all seekers with the wisdom and goodness of Mindfulness thereby establishing Ekaanta as the ‘preferred’ mental wellness partner for organizations and communities, by 2025.

Our Founders

Inspired by the growing movement towards purposeful living, the mother-daughter duo, Shradha and Saumya Lohia launched Ekaanta: Mindversity on the Ganges to help people in their journey of self-discovery.

Analyzing the wellness landscape in India, they realized that there was no place for people to go and learn how to live in the present moment. The idea of Ekaanta Mindversity on the Ganges was born to make Mindfulness within reach for every individual, community and organization.

Today, both Shradha and Saumya are passionate about establishing Ekaanta as a mindfulness destination for anyone who seeks a life of purpose and fulfilment.