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Ekaanta’s Key Features



Here at Ekaanta we believe that “Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”.

Modern lifestyle confines and limits our movements. We sit in a similar position all day at the dining table, in cars, at offices, at the movies, and watching T.V; all this hampers the free flow of Pranshakti (the life force) in our body. When this energy becomes blocked, it results in stiffness, muscular tension, lack of proper blood flow and minor functional defects.

Our Yoga sessions are conducted by life style coach Dr.Sonia Bawa. She is a Doctor of Yoga and Naturopathy where she was a gold medalist; and has a Doctorate in Economics. She has been teaching Yoga to people from different walks of life for over fifteen years. She has helped draft the curriculum for students of the ICSE board where yoga is part of the curriculum.

She is an awardee of the International Award for Young People, India and The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Our Culinary Experience

At Ekaanta we focus on Slow Cuisine. All dishes are prepared keeping in mind that the ingredients are seasonal and local, the food is made in collaboration with nutritionists so the combinations of the produce, spices and cooking methods are in sync with your body and mind.

Each meal is an experience in appreciating familiar textures and flavors that have been given a new context. In the Ekaanta space, the endeavour of the nutrition team is also to center you, allow you to pause, as you experience our culinary journey.

Meet our Master of Culinary Mindfulness- Chef Vanshika bhatia

Chef Vanshika pursued her formal training in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu, London. She has worked in some of the world’s best restaurants: Noma (Copenhagen), Gaggan (Thailand) and Junoon (Dubai) and believes that the cuisines of the world, must continuously crossover; her creations delve into distinct and clear flavors and textures of the freshest produce of the season.
Chef Vanshika has been named in the list of ‘40 chefs under 40’ in India and In 2022, she was listed in the 30 best chefs in India by Vir Sanghvi’s Culinary Culture Co.