A Diwali With the soothing sounds of Ganges.

Our Uniqueness

The Curriculum

Designed as a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, our programs pay homage to the system of ancient learning in India and help you understand how mindfulness, compassion and empathy can help us navigate life’s everyday journey seamlessly.

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The Master

Our Masters of Mindfulness are the key to our unique program. A master is an expert mindfulness practitioner with over a decade of practical experience and study. Our Masters are an authority on the practice of Mindfulness, and guide you throughout your journey of self discovery at Ekaanta.

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The Location

We are nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges, a unique location lending itself to a deeply sensorial and uplifting experience of Mindfulness. Enveloped by the dense verdure of Uttarakhand forests on one side, on the other side is the sometimes raging, sometimes calm, river Ganga which gushes and kisses the steps leading to the learning facility.

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 Our program is designed to empower a diverse audience of high
performing individuals with a burning passion to tap into themselves
and discover new strengths: business and social sector leaders,
sportspersons, creative artists, and entrepreneurs.

Our Blog

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