A Diwali with the soothing sounds of the Ganges. Lit by a thousand floating diyas.

A Diwali filled with conversation and laughter, Lit by a million stars above.

A Diwali of human connect, surrounded by the Shivaliks, verdant forests and the sacred Ganga.

From your stay at Ekaanta, Haridwar
Enjoy the Beatles ashram nearby, its architecture and rejuvenating energy.

Take in guided walks in the Rajaji National park, refreshing wake up activity.

Witness the Ganges leaving the mountains at the Har-ki-Pauri;

Immerse yourself in our culinary experiences and lose yourself in the twilight musical renditions by the ghats.

A Diwali to light up your soul. A Diwali at Ekaanta away from the hustle bustle, an intimate Diwali which is not just a day off, but a Pause.

This Diwali, choose the path less taken. Experience an exclusive stay at Ekaanta on the banks of the Ganges, in Haridwar.

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